Dental Orthopaedics

70% of our jaw and facial growth is completed by the age of 12. Make sure your child is on the right track for normal growth and development…

Dental orthopaedics involves guiding the growth and development of the jaws from a young age (usually 6-12 years old) to achieve the ideal growth potential for that individual. This can have many health benefits:

  • Creating sufficient space for the adult teeth to erupt (preventing crowding)
  • Improved facial appearance and smile
  • Improved airway
  • Healthier jaw-joint (TMJ) function
  • Reduced need for lengthy orthodontic procedures

For long-term stability and optimal health, it is important to address the causes of malocclusion and abnormal growth and development. Factors which often need to be addressed include:

  • Airway obstructions
  • Mouth-breathing
  • Tongue thrust and incorrect swallow pattern
  • Habits eg thumb-sucking, nail biting”